Arianna Walker – Faith for Freedom

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Hey, did you know that there are keys to freedom in the word of God to unlock your life and future?

In this message Arianna Walker, Director of Mercy UK, reveals so powerfully the keys to freedom found in the word of God. The Bible says that in Jesus Christ is everything we need for life and godliness!
Enjoy this week’s podcast, we pray it encourages you to new levels and breakthroughs in your faith journey!

As always we would love to hear from you or welcome to visit us on one of our campuses!

Charlotte Gambill – Uncommon Behaviour

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Who are you standing in line for? Going to God only for our own needs is common, but when we seek God on behalf of those who are lost and forgotten, that is uncommon behaviour. In this message Ps Charl unpacks what it looks like when you start a line, stay in line and help people across the line in the Kingdom of God! We know this message will challenge and stretch your faith! We’d love to hear from you, just email or visit any of our campuses! Enjoy!

Steve Gambill – Open the Floodgates

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Did you know that your attitudes and actions have the ability to trigger God to open the floodgates of heaven and pour so much financial provision into your life that you won’t have room to contain it?
Steve brings a practical and powerful teaching based on Malachi 3:6-12 about what Tithes & Offerings are, and what they are for. In the New Testament Jesus talked about the tithes in Matthew 23, and Paul the Apostle in 1 Corinthians 16:1. Enjoy today’s teaching and we would love to hear from you!

Steve Gambill – Faith for Finance – ‘Store Up’

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Can you imagine how many marriages, families and personal failures we could save if only we learned and applied God’s financial wisdom from His Word?

In today’s episode Ps Steve passionately teaches from the Scriptures about faith & finances to give us powerful principles and tools so we can live in financial freedom, blessing and generosity!

Enjoy today’s message, may it inspire and challenge you for a better, more blessed future! We’d love to hear from you and you’re always welcome to visit one of our LIFE Church campuses!

Charlotte Gambill – Faith Full Friends

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Who do you have in your corner?
Elijah had Elisha, Timothy had Paul,  Naomi had Ruth, Moses had Aaron, we all need a ‘faith full’ friend in our corner to speak faith into our fight! Ps Charl here examines and identifies the characteristics of a Godsent friend; spiritual, purposeful and resourceful. Hey let us know what God and what we can pray for

Steve Gambill – Faith Forward part 2 – ‘Pinnacle Faith – How to Move Mountains’

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Do you have mountain of challenge, difficulty or even impossibility in your life? In part 2 Steve reveals how Jesus reigns supreme ‘towering far above everything & everyone.’

In this podcast Steve gives you practical keys from Mark 11 (AMP) to help shift your focus from your struggles to a faithful Saviour. Fruitfulness is found in His faithfulness! Enjoy this week’s podcast and let us know if there’s anything we can pray for or help you with hello@lifechurchhome.comnot

Steve Gambill – Faith Forward part 1

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Are you ready to kick start a brand new year? Are there areas in your life that you would like to see increase? Or are there impossibilities that you are facing that you would like to become possibilities in 2017? After much prayer and planning, Steve is launching the new year with the theme FAITH FORWARD. Jesus is the Pioneer & Perfecter of faith!

Charlotte Gambill – Walls of Jericho

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Happy New Year and welcome to LIFE Church Podcast! We hope God speaks to you through this message, brought to you by our lead pastor, Charlotte Gambill. Let us know if there’s anything we can pray for by emailing