Christians and IDs

Blog post by Tabatha Samra

Blog post by Tabatha Samra

Being a college student and Christian, I face many temptations every day.

The Bible teaches us that temptations are the Devil’s way of trying to lead us away from God. Unfortunately, in today’s society, it is all too easy for teens to give in, especially when it comes to the temptation to use alcohol.

There are many websites on the internet that offer fake IDs for minors to buy. While Christians know the dangers of alcohol consumption, they don’t take into account the fact that the use of a fake ID can not only lead you away from God, but it can lead you into police custody. In some states, unauthorized possession of an ID is a felony and can put you in serious trouble with the police. Additionally, you can be charged with fraud for being found in possession of an identification document that does not belong to you.

Although many young people may not understand the gravity of being charged with felony offenses such as fraud and unauthorized possession of an ID, it could potentially ruin the rest of their lives. Aside from the very real possibility of ending up in prison for quite some time, additional punishment and stripping of privileges could include a fine of up to $100,000, which would easily land you in debt for most of your life, and the loss of your license to operate a motor vehicle.

If you are over the age of eighteen, your charges will also go on an arrest record that will follow you for the rest of your life. While the law does treat minors under the age of eighteen differently, you can still end up in juvenile detention and will have the offense on your record until you are twenty-four years of age; This means the use of a fake ID could affect your chances of getting into a good college and may affect you in the first few years of your professional career. Most sites offering fake IDs exist in a portion of the internet called “the dark web”, which is only accessible through a browser developed by the US Navy called “TOR”.

However, the dark web is easily accessible to the public and mostly made up of sites which offer illegal and immoral products or services; Fake IDs, drugs, hitmen, and many other horrible things. While I have avoided the temptation of visiting the dark web myself, my friends and classmates who have say they deeply regret it. Clearly, a lot of people with bad intentions hang around there, and many of them are hackers who can hack into your computer and install viruses, watch you through your webcam without your knowledge, and find your personal information such as address, credit card information, and social security number.

These may seem to be already terrifying repercussions, but they are nothing compared to what the use of alcohol and lying by using a fake ID will do to your relationship with God. When we are faced with temptation, it is a test; Just like in school, some tests are a lot more difficult than others and require a lot more preparation. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to help us prepare and they’re all a lot more fun and than cramming for a calculus final. Joining a church group can be a great recreational activity that will also help you get closer to God. You’re sure to make a lot of new friends who will help you in your daily journey to be closer to Christ, and uphold his teachings. They will also help you to avoid temptation. Reading the Bible periodically can also help to inspire you and reinvigorate your faith in the Lord.

Much of the Bible deals with temptation, and how to react to it in ways which will please God. Surely you will find a story that you can connect with, and learn from, no matter what situation you find yourself in! Finally, going to church regularly will help you build a strong relationship not only with God, but your church leaders as well. Chances are the leaders of your church are older than you, and have already overcome the same temptations you now face every day; They are good people to look to for guidance when you need advice.