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What you'll learn during College

Course Content

The course is a one-year, full-time or part-time program with a second year option that trains and equips men and women for leadership in every sphere of life and for Christian ministry. Click on the boxes below to find out what you will learn about within your year.

We want students to understand the importance of strong Biblical leadership and gain a good understanding of how to develop their personal leadership and their leadership of others:

1. Your Leadership Style

Helping students to consider different leadership styles that exist and understand their own leadership strengths.

2. Christian Ethics

As leaders, what are our stands on ethic issues.

3. Communications and Preaching

Developing the ability to speak publicly and effectively in a church setting.

4. Spirit Lead Leadership

Understanding the importance of the Holy Spirit in leading others.

Weekly Delivery: Two Core Lectures.

We want students to understand theological principles and develop their understanding of God through solid and wide ranging Biblical academic study:

1. Old Testament Studies

An overview of the themes, authors and content of the Old Testament books.

2. New Testament Studies

An overview of the themes, authors and content of the New Testament books.

3. Understanding Church

An introduction to Ecclesiology (the study of the Church).

4. Understanding God

A unit of pure Theology looking at each aspect of the trinity: God the Father; Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit.

5. Understanding Salvation

Exploring what it means to be a Christian and the power of the saving work of Jesus Christ.

6. Understanding God’s Kingdom

Understanding what the Kingdom of God is, exploring what the Bible teaches us about the Kingdom of God and looking at the future of the Kingdom.

Weekly Delivery: Two Core Lectures

This will have a particular focus on the type of Leadership required in local church ministry:

1. Biblical Leadership Studies

This module looks at servant hood, character, influence, authority.

2. Managing Teams, Volunteers and People

The vast majority of people involved in ministry in the local church are volunteers. This unit will equip students to understand the key principles of leading volunteers effectively.

3. The Global Church & World Missions

A unit about the global problem of poverty and the responsibility of the local Church to help, and understanding the differences between short-term and long-term global mission.

4. Business and the Workplace

Teaching students Christian business ethics and principles that can be applied in any workplace.

Weekly Delivery: One Core Lecture and One Elective

LIFE Church College is about far more than just academic understanding. We also want students to grow in their walk with God, their sensitivity to the ministry of the Holy Spirit and their devotion to God’s word:

1. Spiritual Disciplines

Leading others will always start with leading yourself. We will study inward, outward and corporate Spiritual Disciplines.

2. Understanding your Identity

Helping students to understand their identity as Sons and Daughters in the Kingdom

3. Holy Spirit

Understanding the Holy Spirit and the fruits and gifts of the spirit.

Weekly Delivery: One Core Lecture, One Seminar & Bi-weekly Life Group

Students will complete a series of written, spoken and practical assignments throughout the year. The assignments are not designed purely to check student’s levels of academic knowledge. Each one is intended to help students reflect back on their learning in the classroom, but also to encourage them to study further and explain and illustrate how the content of the course is affecting their life and leadership practically.

Ministry Elective

This Full-time study option will also equip you with specialist ministry knowledge in an area of your choosing, practical leadership skills and church building tools.

The three elective streams are:

The worship elective is designed to equip, resource and broaden your knowledge of contemporary worship and creative ministry. The aim is to give the relevant skills needed to connect people with the message of Jesus Christ and the modern day church. We believe in worship and believe it is vital in our walk and relationship with Jesus. The worship elective is aimed at helping you understand the power of worship as a way of life personally and helping you understand its place within a church context. This elective will help students identify and develop their worship and creative arts gifts, to grow in leading others in worship and connecting them with God in a local church context.

During your time with us in the worship elective you will have the opportunity to use your skills around the creative life of our church if you wish to do so. For those able to participate, you are able to be involved in weekly serving areas, conferences and events. During these you will have the opportunity to learn from, present to and receive feedback from key people on our Creative team.  Overall, the elective will be a mix of theory and practical. You will learn about the theology and history of worship and also have very practical sessions about leading worship, song-writing and leading and being part of a team.

The 0-30’s elective is designed to provide both practical and pastoral training, resources and knowledge of building a Kids, Youth and Young Adults ministry. We want to radically change a generation of young people for God and believe that this elective can equip you to get on board with this mission. We see the younger generation as our future church leaders and builders, so what better time to plant seeds and grow them in their faith than now. What a privilege to be gifted with this opportunity!

The 0-30’s elective will help students discover their gifting within the ministry in order to lead others effectively. You will learn a balance of theology and pastoral training, as well as being given the opportunity to practically get involved with one of the 0- 30’s areas of your choice, whether that’s Kids, Youth or Young Adults. We know that nothing compares to experiencing first hand ministry building.

We want to make sure we are offering everything that is relevant to each area, therefore from time to time the elective will also include breaking down into your specific area of serving to delve into the finer details of leading that given area. Through theory and practical teaching, this elective looks at leading young people, leading teams, being a part of the team, the basics of 0-30’s ministries and pastoral training.

The Pastoral Elective is designed to equip you to build the local church through learning how to love, lead and develop people. By identifying and investing in your unique talents and abilities you will grow in leading others and learn how to connect them with God and His purpose for their lives. We will teach you how to live to your God-given potential and how to teach others to do the same.

Through a unique balance of theology and practical application, you will grow in personal confidence and understanding of God’s love for His world. Our Outreach and Community teams will give you the opportunity to provide real help to the people who need it the most, leading people to Jesus and helping them to walk in a life-giving relationship with Him and others.

Working with our Pastoral teams you’ll learn to pray with people and help them find the freedom and hope that they may have never known before, teaching others to overcome personal challenges and walk in freedom every day. On the Pastoral elective you will be mentored and developed in your skills and character and grow in your understanding of biblical leadership and spiritual care for others.

ILM Partnership

All full time students are also graduate with a certificate from ILM. If you would like more information on what that is, and what it looks like click here