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What you'll learn during College

Course Content

The course is a one-year, full-time or part-time program with a second year option that trains and equips men and women for leadership in every sphere of life and for Christian ministry. Click on the boxes below to find out what you will learn about within your year.

We want students to understand the importance of strong Biblical leadership and gain a good understanding of how to develop their personal leadership and their leadership of others:

1. Your Leadership Style

Helping students to consider different leadership styles that exist and understand their own leadership strengths.

2. Christian Ethics

As leaders, what are our stands on ethic issues.

3. Communications and Preaching

Developing the ability to speak publicly and effectively in a church setting.

4. Spirit Lead Leadership

Understanding the importance of the Holy Spirit in leading others.

Weekly Delivery: Two Core Lectures.

We want students to understand theological principles and develop their understanding of God through solid and wide ranging Biblical academic study:

1. Old Testament Studies

An overview of the themes, authors and content of the Old Testament books.

2. New Testament Studies

An overview of the themes, authors and content of the New Testament books.

3. Understanding Church

An introduction to Ecclesiology (the study of the Church).

4. Understanding God

A unit of pure Theology looking at each aspect of the trinity: God the Father; Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit.

5. Understanding Salvation

Exploring what it means to be a Christian and the power of the saving work of Jesus Christ.

6. Understanding God’s Kingdom

Understanding what the Kingdom of God is, exploring what the Bible teaches us about the Kingdom of God and looking at the future of the Kingdom.

Weekly Delivery: Two Core Lectures

This will have a particular focus on the type of Leadership required in local church ministry:

1. Biblical Leadership Studies

This module looks at servant hood, character, influence, authority.

2. Managing Teams, Volunteers and People

The vast majority of people involved in ministry in the local church are volunteers. This unit will equip students to understand the key principles of leading volunteers effectively.

3. The Global Church & World Missions

A unit about the global problem of poverty and the responsibility of the local Church to help, and understanding the differences between short-term and long-term global mission.

4. Business and the Workplace

Teaching students Christian business ethics and principles that can be applied in any workplace.

Weekly Delivery: One Core Lecture and One Elective

LIFE Church College is about far more than just academic understanding. We also want students to grow in their walk with God, their sensitivity to the ministry of the Holy Spirit and their devotion to God’s word:

1. Spiritual Disciplines

Leading others will always start with leading yourself. We will study inward, outward and corporate Spiritual Disciplines.

2. Understanding your Identity

Helping students to understand their identity as Sons and Daughters in the Kingdom

3. Holy Spirit

Understanding the Holy Spirit and the fruits and gifts of the spirit.

Weekly Delivery: One Core Lecture, One Seminar & Bi-weekly Life Group

Students will complete a series of written, spoken and practical assignments throughout the year. The assignments are not designed purely to check student’s levels of academic knowledge. Each one is intended to help students reflect back on their learning in the classroom, but also to encourage them to study further and explain and illustrate how the content of the course is affecting their life and leadership practically.