Course Information

Preparing For Your Future

Our course is a one year programme based on our home campus in Bradford, West Yorkshire. We also offer short courses.

Students receive academic training two days a week plus three days of ministry training alongside a member of LIFE Church staff. You will be placed in a department in which you will receive mentoring, spiritual formation and practical training while outworking the gifts God has given you. Ministry training days are typically Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Departments include:

  • Creative (Worship, Production and/or Media)
  • Kids
  • Youth
  • Young Adults (YA)
  • Pastoral (Life Groups, Sunday Programming, Pastoral Care, Outreach)
  • College

Students selecting Pathway Two may also select a Stream, either Creative or Pastoral, in which you wish to be trained and grow. You will attend three week long intensives (termly) as part of your Stream which is included in the course fees.

Successful first year students are invited to complete a second year programme.

Full-time course fee: £1900

Students receive academic training two days a week, typically Tuesday and Wednesday. We currently offer six modules, teaching two per term: 

  • Foundations of Faith (Theology)
  • Biblical Studies Skills
  • Christian Leadership for Today’s Church (Church Building)
  • Everyday Theology (Personal & Spiritual Formation)
  • Leadership Development
  • Practical

Our modules are designed to equip students theoretically and practically as you develop your skills, gifts and knowledge as a leader in the Church. Our practical module allows the opportunity for you to gain valuable experience of ministry in the field, right here in our city of Bradford. 

In addition, students who choose Pathway One will have the choice to attend three week long intensive weeks (one per term) coordinated by our Stream leaders (Creative or Pastoral). These intensives are designed to give you deeper insight into these areas of our church, and will equip you to practically grow in your chosen Stream. Please note that there will be an additional cost to these intensive weeks for students choosing Pathway One.

Our short courses are designed to equip you in your leadership and theological development. Ideal for anyone with other time commitments, these courses provide a manageable approach to study.

Biblical Study Skills: 10th January 2023 | 7-9:30pm
Foundations for Church Building: 10th January 2023 | 7-9.30pm

Short Courses Fee: £195 each

At this time, we are unable to provide Sponsorship for the VISAs of short course students.

Biblical Study Skills

Immerse yourself in the world of scripture as you learn to identify, navigate and apply the key themes and literary styles of biblical authors. This course will equip you to approach the bible with confidence as you learn to faithfully interpret and apply scriptural truth. Whether you want to go deeper in your personal study or equip yourself in preaching and teaching the Word of God, this course is for you!

Foundations for Church Building

What does it take to build church in the 21st century? Within this course, students will explore the biblical foundations of church building, as well as recent theological innovations and practical organisational development. The course will deepen your understanding of what it means to be a church leader, and equip you to practically establish the processes and procedures to effectively reach your community.

The course is built on the following five foundational blocks…

Biblical Studies & Theology

How we think about God determines how we think about ourselves, our neighbours and our future. Our theology course is designed to create a space for you to establish a foundation of sound biblical doctrine while equipping you with the necessary tools to properly examine, interpret and apply scripture. 

The course is introductory by nature and covers three modules: Systematic Theology; Biblical Studies and Church History. Lessons cover a range of subjects, including Christology, Ecclesiology, Old Testament studies, New Testament studies and the Early Church.

Leadership Development

God has a purpose for you, and we are honored to be a part of your journey as you discover it. Leadership development is an integral part of our course and we are intentional in giving you practical tools to grow as a leader, regardless of where you are on your journey.

Our Leadership Development course is taught by leaders in our House who are experienced in this area. The course will be made up of four modules: Practical Christian Ministry; Self Leadership & Care; Leadership Influences and 360 Degree Leadership. These lessons will be a time for you to be challenged in leadership and engage in new ideas so that you can grow into the leader God has called you to be.

Spiritual Formation

Knowing what to do is good, knowing how to do it is better – but knowing why you do what you do is what makes us great. Spiritual formation is vital in helping you discern what God is doing in you and through you during your time at College. This is where you will have space to engage with yourself and discover deeper levels of your relationship with God.

Modules include: Christian Disciplines; Christian Ethics and Keys to Freedom. These lessons will give you practical tools to deepen your relationship with Christ, grow in the freedom He has called you into and see the world the way He sees it.


Church Building will equip you with both the theory and practical skills you need to build the Church of Jesus wherever you find yourself. Becoming a church builder means more than just gaining knowledge; your character must be developed as well. To that end we provide a space for students to be honest and vulnerable in considering the current challenges churches face, as well as the many opportunities to live as Jesus has called us to live.

Ministry Training

Ministry Training is the hands on element of our full time course. Pathway Two students are assigned an area within Church and a staff member to work alongside in order to learn, develop and grow in practical church building skills & experience. This placement time is where you will opportunity to put to work the things you have learnt about in classes.