Cherish Women’s Conference 2018

31.05.18 – 02.06.18
Leeds First Direct Arena

Every year we gather for Cherish, a place where all are invited, no one is excluded and all who come are welcomed, loved and prepared for. Cherish is not just a gathering of women, it is a joining of hands and hearts as we unite to build and advance a cause that collectively is so much greater than our individual parts. As one, it is time to unify and amplify the sound of heaven here on earth, to glorify the greatness of our God and to magnify the miracles He is doing in all of our lives.

We want to invite you to join with thousands of women who all have different stories and journeys and yet for these few days God bring us together, weaving us into a magnificent work of art, a masterpiece statement to the world; of His power, love and grace. We come together to believe, pray, worship and celebrate with one another as we see God move in incredible ways. Every individual, each life-giving word, every act of worship and service all become brush strokes as the Creator reveals the beauty of His unraveling purposes and plans.

We are called to set one another up to win and Cherish is a place where we want your dreams to ignite and your faith to rise as we arise and advance together. Here we find our voice and amplify the very sound of Heaven. So what are you waiting for? It won’t be the same without you, there is a place just for you at the table and we can’t wait to welcome you! We are already so expectant for all that is ahead at Cherish 2018.

AMPLIFY the sound of heaven on earth
MAGNIFY the greatness of our God
GLORIFY His name above everything and everyone
UNIFY together as  one

Guest Speakers & Artists

In a life full of challenges, Lisa has chosen to rise again and again, sharing her story and her faith to encourage and inspire other women.

We can’t wait to have Lisa minister to us at Cherish. She will travel to be with us from her home in Nashville, where she lives with her adopted daughter, Missy. Her life battles have included abuse, loss and heartbreak, yet these experiences have not diminished her capacity for laughter. A fabulous communicator with a deep understanding of God’s word, Lisa is a Bible teacher and will bring us a fresh insight into God’s word.

We know how Cherish girls like to have fun and Lisa will fit right in with a fabulous sense of humour. In her latest book, The Sacrament of Happiness, Lisa unpacks what our smiling God brings to this wounded world, guiding us closer to the heart of our ever-loving Father.

We Cherish girls are in for an incredible treat as Lisa brings to us all that’s on her heart. Her humour is sure to lift your spirits and her knowledge and wisdom will refresh you. We are excited to welcome Lisa to our Cherish family and expectant about the impact her ministry will have on our lives.

With a worldwide influence and a heart for the local church, we are honoured to welcome Louie & Shelley Giglio to Cherish this year, pastors of Passion City Church in Atlanta.

Louie & Shelley are founders of the Passion Movement; aimed at young adults, the most recent Passion Conference attracted 55 000 students to the Atlanta Dome. Their mission is to encourage this generation to live in the light of what matters most, to live for the name of Jesus.

Committed to reflecting the wonder and glory of God through worship, Louis & Shelley also run sixstepsrecords, a musical home for passionate worship artists, including another of our guests this year, Matt Redman. Louie is a well-known author, with his latest book, Goliath Must Fall, offering the keys for us to live free from the giants that diminish us. Shelley leads The Grove women’s movement, with monthly gatherings keeping her girls rooted in God’s word and flourishing where they are planted so they can offer shade to others in the city.

It is a privilege to have this truly remarkable couple sharing their lives, their story and their ministry with us at Cherish. We know them to be a gift from God to the body of Christ, and we are ready for life changing moments as they bring the word to life amongst us.

A familiar name to many of us, Matt is a gifted singer, songwriter, worship leader and author.

The creator of beautiful songs that lead us into God’s presence like 10 000 Reasons, Blessed Be Your Name and I Will Offer Up My Life, Matt’s songwriting has become part of our praise experience. A full-time worship leader since the age of 20, Matt has been a fundamental to the voice of worship in the UK and is a co-founder of the Soul Survivor Festivals. Matt and his wife Beth live near Brighton with their five children.

Now with an international ministry and a Grammy and Dove award winner, Matt’s passion is still to bring the sound of worship, equipping and encouraging God’s church. Matt works alongside other worship artists on sixstepsrecords, managed by another of our Cherish guests, Shelley Giglio.

We are so excited to welcome Matt to Cherish this year. We know he will lead us into a closer encounter with our God as we worship our King of kings, so come with an open heart to experience what God has for you.

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Cherish Foundation

The Cherish Foundation has become one of the highlights of our time together. Every year on one of the evenings of Cherish we celebrate some amazing women who have been secretly nominated by someone in their world. Together, we witness a testament of God’s unending grace and love for his daughters as we sit with tear flushed faces and watch the stories of these women who have shown tremendous courage and trust in God unfold.

Each woman who is honoured is totally surprised as we then lavish on her an amazing gift of a lifetime, from an all inclusive holiday to a car to a home makeover and other amazing surprises. This night is a picture of heaven touching earth as we bless those who have never personally experienced such honour and kindness.

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We are always so encouraged to hear of the many wonders and transformations God is doing in your life through Cherish. If you would like to share your story with us, please fill out the form.

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We Are One Foundation

We Are One Foundation

We want to make a difference. We are the generation that can do something to change the world, to help those in need and be a part of the solution.

Schedule & Information

5.45pm – Doors Open
7.00pm – Starts
9.00pm – Ends

8.45am – Doors Open
9.30am – Session 1
10.45am – Break
11.15am – Session 2
12.00pm – Worship
12.15pm – Session 3
1.00pm – Lunch
4.45pm – Doors Open
6.00pm – Evening Celebration
7.30pm – Break
7.45pm – Cherish Foundation
9.00pm – Close

8.45am – Doors open
9.30am – Session 1
10.45am – Break
11.15am – Session 2
12.00pm – Worship
12.15pm – Session 3
1.00pm – Lunch
3.00pm – Doors Open
4.00pm – Session 4
6.00pm – Close

We hope you are excited about Cherish Conference as we are! Make sure to contact us if you have any questions, and of course we want to hear from you via social media!

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