Salvation Pack

Hello friend!

Welcome to the first step in an incredible journey of getting to know Jesus!
What a blessing and a miracle it is that you have accepted Jesus into your heart!  We are LIFE Church. Our heart and mission is to help as many people as possible believe in Jesus, find belonging in God’s house and become all that they can be.
Below is a welcome video from our Online Campus Pastors- Israel Hobson and Yvonne Aboagye-Hobson, as well as many ways you can get connected with our Online Community. We would also love to send you a FREE Bible and a digital coffee voucher for you to get a coffee near you! We are so blessed to be with you on the beginning of your faith journey! Get connected and let us walk with you!

Next steps

Why not consider joining one of these courses?

Do you have questions about life? Like, why are we here? Or what is the purpose of living? And is there more to life than this? Alpha is a course for anyone to explore the Christian faith and the answers that faith has to the big questions of life. We invite you to join and discover!

Growth Track

Whether you’ve recently met Jesus or have walked with him for years, Growth Track helps you to connect with your destiny and unlock the potential God has placed in you. Come and get involved, as we learn and discover together and find connection and community in LIFE Church!


If you have been wondering where you can meet new people in a smaller setting and discover a deeper sense of connection to the church, then Lifegroups are the answer! At each LIFE Church location we have groups for all ages and life stages.