As In Heaven

As In Heaven

LIFE Church is committed to continuing the conversation about racism and our prayer is that our church would reflect the heart of God, on earth as in Heaven. It is a God-given mandate and the glorious purpose of the Church, to be a people known for mercy, justice and unity in diversity. To love our neighbour as ourselves, to worship the Lord, together with people from every tribe, every tongue and nation, here as in Heaven.

Pray With Us

Heavenly Father,

We pray today the way you taught us to pray, that your Kingdom would come, your will be done, Lord, use our lives, use your Church to demonstrate to the World the love and hope found in Christ Jesus, the only way, the truth and life. Help us see with your compassionate eyes and listen with your heart.

We pray, Father that we would love you and love our neighbour, made in your perfect image, and that our unity would be a force for Your Kingdom to come on Earth, for light to prevail, for justice to roll, for mercy to run deep and wide, for salvation to break forth and for freedom for all.

We pray, in Jesus name, that the yoke of racism, prejudice, oppression and injustice be broken, that a new conviction and passion would rise in your people to stand for truth, hope and love,
that you would raise up a holy people from every tribe, tongue and nation to stand unified together to see your Kingdom come on Earth as it is in heaven.


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As In Heaven