Life Church is committed to developing a culture in which people of all ages find a place to belong, grow and flourish as they explore the expression of their faith.

We take safeguarding seriously and have a dedicated safeguarding team working in partnership with local agencies across our locations. Our desire at Life Church is to provide a safe environment in which children and adults with additional care and support needs can develop physically, intellectually and spiritually.

If you are concerned about a child or adult or they have told you something that is a concern, please tell us by completing a Cause for Concern form. The information you provide will go straight to our Safeguarding Team.

If you believe a child or adult is in imminent danger, please telephone the police and let us know by completing the Cause for Concern Form, this will help us to link up with the relevant authorities. For any other areas of concern relating to children or adults simply complete the Cause for Concern form to let us know.

Cause for Concern Form

"*" indicates required fields

Name of Child or Adult involved, DOB and Address of the Child/Adult involved (if known).
Tell us as closely as possible what you saw or what was said by the child/adult. Please try to avoid giving us your opinion.
Please tell us the location and where at that location this took place.
Please provide the name of anyone else you have reported this incident to. (for example a ministry or serving team leader, the Police or a local agency)

In order for us to process a cause for concern our Safeguarding Team may contact you if they need to clarify any of the information you have provided.