Charlotte Gambill – Re-Enter the Room

LIFE Church · November 19, 2019


This message is the first of a preaching series called “Re-Enter the Room”, which explores how we may need to re-align our vision and commitment in the different areas of our lives where we became apathetic. Areas that God has blessed us with, but where we became familiar in.
In her preach, Charlotte begins by saying that there are times when we need to walk back into some places in our life where we have become dormant, into some atmospheres we have forgotten are still available to us. She uses the example of being invited to someone’s house and arriving at the moment when an argument is happening: Everything in us just wants to walk out of the room and re-enter again with a new posture, more appropriate to engage with the situation at hand.
The question Charlotte asks throughout this message is: “What room is it for you?” What room in your world has become a place where we don’t seem to fit anymore? Where we get discouraged by how things are “now”, in comparison to how they were “in the beginning”?
Charlotte looks at the life of Peter to answer those questions that we often ask ourselves. When we think about Jesus and His disciples, Peter was a young man often associated with boldness, with excitement, having a bright future ahead of him. But as Jesus faced the cross, and Peter found himself denying Him, every certainty Peter had about his future and his calling seemed to crumble before him.
However, even though he felt discouraged, he still positioned himself where Jesus first entered his life. In that place is where Peter is called to “Re-enter the room” and where he is set up for the whole next season of his life. He is called to re-enter three things:

  • Re-enter His Nets. In the same way Peter was ready to put his talents in action back on the boat, we may need to trust God again in this season with the gifts and talents we were almost ready to store away.
  • Re-enter The Water. In the same way Peter threw himself to the water in pursuit of Jesus, God may be calling us to stop putting tidiness and restraint in first place, and to get wild and passionate for Him again: When we boldly jump in into the God’s waters, others around us get wet as well.
  • Re-enter Your Commitment. In the same way Peter was called to look after Jesus’ sheep, God may be calling us to honor what He has asked us to do, and who He has given us to care for – even when we don’t feel like it.
This blog was posted by LIFE Church on November 19, 2019