We currently have two College intakes each year; January and September.

Course Intakes

Intake 1
September to June

Intake 2
January to December
(2 month summer break July-August)

Course Fees


Full Time Course Fees

You can pay the whole course fee upfront or pay monthly through standing order, cheque or cash.

Cost of Living

Outside of the tuition fee, we suggest that individual students will need between £450 – £550 per month available to pay for housing, food and other living costs. 

LIFE Church Leadership College students are currently unable to access government student loans, however the LIFE Church Leadership College is registered with an organisation called Stewardship. Through our link with Stewardship it is possible for students to receive an extra 22% of funds donated to them if they are given through Stewardship. So a gift of £1000 can become a gift of £1220 through their help. This money can be used to pay tuition fees, but students can also use it to support their day-to-day living costs such as rent or food bills. For more information visit the Stewardship website and look at the bible college students section.

We have also written 5 Keys to Funding Bible College for more ways to cover your costs.
5 Keys To Funding Bible College