Part Time Option

The part-time ministry course at LIFE Church College has been developed for those who are looking to further their leadership training and currently leading in an area of ministry. 

This part-time study option will help equip you with practical leadership skills, church building tools and specialist ministry knowledge in an area of your choosing from:

  • Pastoral & Community Ministry
  • Worship & Creative Ministry
  • 0-30’s Ministry (young adults/ youth/ kids work)

Who is it for?

The  course is designed to equip people who are ministering in the following areas:

  • They are a full or part time staff member at a Church or ministry
  • They are an intern at a local church or ministry
  • They are a key volunteer heading up an area of ministry in a local church or ministry

How it works

Thursday Schedule

9.30am – 10.30am Focus (Worship & Inspirational Word)

10.45am – 11.45am Ministry Elective

12.00pm – 1.00pm Church Building Stream

Part-time ministry course students will join with full-time students on Thursdays and participate in classes together.

Ministry Elective

Elective Stream: 30 hours

Our electives are aimed at equipping you with team and people leadership skills, whilst continuing to grow in your area of ministry. All students will choose one Ministry Elective to attend over the course of the year.

The worship elective is designed to equip, resource and broaden your knowledge of contemporary worship and creative ministry. The aim is to give the relevant skills needed to connect people with the message of Jesus Christ and the modern day church. We believe in worship and believe it is vital in our walk and relationship with Jesus. The worship elective is aimed at helping you understand the power of worship as a way of life personally and helping you understand its place within a church context. This elective will help students identify and develop their worship and creative arts gifts, to grow in leading others in worship and connecting them with God in a local church context.

During your time with us in the worship elective you will have the opportunity to use your skills around the creative life of our church if you wish to do so. For those able to participate, you are able to be involved in weekly serving areas, conferences and events. During these you will have the opportunity to learn from, present to and receive feedback from key people on our Creative team.  Overall, the elective will be a mix of theory and practical. You will learn about the theology and history of worship and also have very practical sessions about leading worship, song-writing and leading and being part of a team.

The 0-30’s elective is designed to provide both practical and pastoral training, resources and knowledge of building a Kids, Youth and Young Adults ministry. We want to radically change a generation of young people for God and believe that this elective can equip you to get on board with this mission. We see the younger generation as our future church leaders and builders, so what better time to plant seeds and grow them in their faith than now. What a privilege to be gifted with this opportunity!

The 0-30’s elective will help students discover their gifting within the ministry in order to lead others effectively. You will learn a balance of theology and pastoral training, as well as being given the opportunity to practically get involved with one of the 0- 30’s areas of your choice, whether that’s Kids, Youth or Young Adults. We know that nothing compares to experiencing first hand ministry building.

We want to make sure we are offering everything that is relevant to each area, therefore from time to time the elective will also include breaking down into your specific area of serving to delve into the finer details of leading that given area. Through theory and practical teaching, this elective looks at leading young people, leading teams, being a part of the team, the basics of 0-30’s ministries and pastoral training.

The Pastoral Elective is designed to equip you to build the local church through learning how to love, lead and develop people. By identifying and investing in your unique talents and abilities you will grow in leading others and learn how to connect them with God and His purpose for their lives. We will teach you how to live to your God-given potential and how to teach others to do the same.

Through a unique balance of theology and practical application, you will grow in personal confidence and understanding of God’s love for His world. Our Outreach and Community teams will give you the opportunity to provide real help to the people who need it the most, leading people to Jesus and helping them to walk in a life-giving relationship with Him and others.

Working with our Pastoral teams you’ll learn to pray with people and help them find the freedom and hope that they may have never known before, teaching others to overcome personal challenges and walk in freedom every day. On the Pastoral elective you will be mentored and developed in your skills and character and grow in your understanding of biblical leadership and spiritual care for others.


Church Building Stream

Building Church Stream: 30 hours

Our Building Church Stream focuses on three areas:

1. Leadership – Leadership character and development; learning to grow in your leadership and raising leaders around you.

2. Team – Building volunteers and teams; working with individual strengths; practically looking at Sundays and church events.

3. Church – Church government, structure and culture; looking at the outworking of the vision and mission of the church.

Jonny Lee – Lead Pastor, Renewal Christian Centre, Solihull
“Having our youth pastor, Katherine, attend the part-time course was a big blessing to our church! It transformed her leadership, grew her, and gave her new ideas and inspiration. Our youth ministry hasn’t been the same since!”

John Greenow – Lead Pastor, Xcel Church, North East England
“Sending one of our interns onto the part time course at college has added to her year of serving with us. It is giving her deeper insight into who she is and what her leadership looks like. I can highly recommend this course to other pastors looking to send staff and interns.”

Teaching Staff

All streams and electives are taught primarily by the Life Church leadership team and supported by a variety of guest speakers who will input into the course.

The Learning Process

The part-time learning process has a particular focus on the type of skills required in local church ministry, such as vision casting, leading volunteer teams and developing church culture. The course is structured to stretch, equip and develop your leadership skills. We want you to gain a greater understanding of the importance of strong Christian leadership and grow as a leader of excellence, both of yourself and of others.

Over the year we will also focus on placing discipleship tools in your hands to help you continue to develop your own character and relationship with Jesus. Our desire is to help you fulfill your personal calling and to further His Kingdom in whichever country, church or ministry God has called you to.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no requirement for part-time students to complete a leadership placement during the week or as part of the Sunday services. This is to help those from other churches who may already be heavily involved in ministry in their own church. However, if students would like to serve in a particular area of Life Church to gain more practical experience they are welcome to do so.

Apart from personal study, no there is no required commitment outside of 9.30am – 1.00pm every Thursday during term time.

Yes, there is a required reading list and a wider reading list. You will be given these after application.

The part time course is designed for people who fit into the following categories:

      • Full or part time staff member at a Church or ministry
      • An intern at a local church within the UK
      • A key volunteer heading up an area of ministry in a local church or ministry

With the above types of people attending the course from all over the UK the Thursday part time option is full of people who learn and then apply what they’ve learnt that week in their local context.

The part time course is designed for people who fit into the following categories:

      1. Full or part time staff member at a Church or ministry
      2. An intern at a local church or ministry within the UK
      3. A key volunteer heading up an area of ministry in a local church or ministry

If you don’t fit into the above category we would not accept you onto the part time course. We would instead recommend that you look at our evening college which takes place on a Tuesday evening. More information can be found here