Ministry Electives

Two Streams

If you choose Pathway Two, you can choose from one of our two Streams to engage with. These are Pastoral and Creative Streams. The Pastoral Stream includes firsthand ministry training in Kids, Youth, Young Adults, Thrive (+60’s), Outreach, Bereavement and Pastoral Care. The Creative Stream consists of Worship, Production and Media development. At the end of each Semester, students embark upon an Intensive Stream week, which is tailored to their chosen Stream, with guest speakers, seminars and subject-specific workshops.

The Creative Stream

The Creative Stream is designed to equip, resource and broaden your knowledge of worship, production and media. The aim is to give the relevant skills needed to connect people with the message of Jesus Christ and the modern day Church. We believe in worship and believe it is vital in our walk and relationship with Jesus.

This Stream will help you understand the power of worship as a way of life personally and helping you understand its place within a Church context. This elective will help students identify and develop their worship and creative arts gifts, to grow in leading others in worship and connecting them with God in a local Church context. Overall, the elective will be a mix of theory and practical. You will learn about the theology and history of worship and also have very practical sessions about leading worship, song-writing and leading and being part of a team.

The Pastoral Stream

The Pastoral Stream is designed to equip you to build the local Church through learning how to love, lead and develop people. By identifying and investing in your unique talents and abilities you will grow in leading others and learn how to connect them with God and His purpose for their lives. We will teach you how to live to your God-given potential and how to teach others to do the same.

Through a unique balance of theology and practical application, you will grow in personal confidence and understanding of God’s love for His world, and gain a deeper understanding of how to help people from all walks of life grow in their relationship with God.

This Stream evolves around the ministry of Kids, Youth & Young Adults (0-30’s), Outreach and Pastoral Care. It is designed to provide both practical and pastoral training, resources and knowledge of discovering your gifting within the ministry in order to lead others effectively.