Student Life Details

Life as a College Student

The Church in Europe is growing and in need of dynamic leaders who can build healthy churches. LIFE Church Leadership College will develop the gifts God has placed within you, grow your faith and introduce you to a faith-filled community of life-long friends.


LIFE Church Leadership College does not provide accommodation, however we help students to connect with local landlords who we have worked alongside for many years. We post these houses on this website:, and students choose a room in a house from here and make arrangements directly with the landlord. All of the student houses are within a 5-10 minute walk of LIFE Church, and are within a few streets of each other which builds a great community amongst the students. Houses are typically 3-4 bedrooms and are gender specific.

For any students coming as a couple, we can help direct you towards small apartments locally rather than living in a shared house.

The City of Bradford

A boom-town of the industrial revolution, Bradford has entered the 21st century as a vibrant multicultural centre. It is a large city with a friendly feel and easy to get around. Just North of Bradford are the world famous Yorkshire dales, an area of incredible natural beauty full of quaint little villages and towns. The City of Leeds is also just 20 minutes away by train. So whether you enjoy fast paced city life, shopping, entertainment or relaxing country scenery our surrounding area has something to offer everyone.


To help offset some of the costs associated with College, most students will opt to work part-time at some point during the year. If you manage your time well you can work up to 20 hours a week. Bradford is a large city and students find a wide variety of employment ranging from coffee shops and restaurant work to retail, customer service or call centre work.