Life during College

What your life in Bradford will look like

Students will spend Tuesday – Friday mornings in classroom session between 9.30am and 1.00pm. This is a dynamic mixture of lectures, seminars and other sessions. Every morning students gather together for a powerful service with worship and word. On Thursday mornings the class splits four ways into our pastoral and community, worship, youth and kids (0-30’s) electives.

Our modern and well equipped campus provides students with a great learning environment. This includes spacious classrooms, a coffee shop and library. We also have an onsite daycare, which is registered with Ofsted. Visit for more info.

As a college student you are not only part of the course for a year, you become an integral part of LIFE Church. Each week there is so much more to get involved in than just attending classes and learning in lectures.

During afternoon and evenings students serve in a variety of different ministries across the church as part of their Leadership Development. Wednesday evenings are worship team rehearsal for musicians, singers and dancers. Every fortnight we have life groups that meet across our city and we encourage all students to join a group. Friday night is Youth for all those on the youth elective and our 18-30 Young Adults ministry.

Sunday services are at 10.30am and 5.00pm in Bradford and 11.00am in Leeds. Every weekend students are involved in making church happen through serving in ministries like hosting, hospitality, car park, kids church and worship/media team. When we host our Xcel, Stronger and Cherish conferences all the students are involved in helping pull off these life-changing events.

We understand that making the right accommodation arrangements is a really key part to having a successful time at LIFE Church College. Whilst it is ultimately the students responsibility to arrange their own accommodation, we will try and help as much as we can to find a suitable property. The first place we recommend that you go to look for a house is this website: This site contains information about housing that is owned by landlords either in the church or known to the College faculty.

A boom-town of the industrial revolution, Bradford has entered the 21st century as a vibrant multicultural centre. It is a large city with a friendly feel and easy to get around!

Just north of Bradford are the world famous Yorkshire dales, an area of incredible natural beauty full of quaint little villages and towns. So whether you enjoy fast paced city life, shopping, entertainment or relaxing country scenery our surrounding area has something to offer everyone.

Outside of the tuition fee, we suggest that individual students will need between £450 – £550 per month available to pay for housing, food and other living costs. The LIFE Church College is registered with an organisation called Stewardship. Through our link with Stewardship it is possible for students to receive an extra 22% of funds donated to them if they are given through Stewardship. So a gift of £1000 can become a gift of £1220 through their help. This money can be used to pay tuition fees, but students can also use it to support their day-to-day living costs such as rent or food bills. For more information visit the Stewardship website and look at the bible college students section.

To help offset some of these costs, most students will opt to work part-time at some point during the year. If you manage your time well you can work up to 25 hours a week. Bradford is a large city and students find a wide variety of employment ranging from coffee shops and restaurant work to retail, customer service or call centre work. The City of Leeds is also just 20 minutes away by train and is another great opportunity for students to find work.