Rocknations Honours


There are many incredible young people who are overcoming adversity and challenge every single day, and as the Rocknations Youth Foundation, we aim to honour these individuals for their strength, resilience and persistent faith despite their circumstances. Honouring is such a powerful principle and to “honour one another above yourselves”, is such a selfless concept that brings recognition where recognition is due as well as highlighting success in the face of adversity.

Do you know someone who is facing difficulties and has had tremendous challenges in life, but has chose not to give up? Or maybe someone who has inspired and cared for others even when they have been going through personal difficulties?

If you do, please take a moment to consider nominating that person to receive an Honour Trophy, at this years Rocknations conference.


*Please note that we want to keep the nomination as a surprise, so do not let the young person know you are nominating them. If we select your nomination, we would need you you to keep this a secret until the night of the conference when they are honoured.*


Nomination Criteria

  • Age 12-30
  • Someone who has overcome adversity, difficulty or hardship and is an inspiration to their peers
  • Someone who has a strong faith in Christ and continues to help others despite their challenges
  • Someone that is a part of your local church or youth ministry


You must submit your nomination by the 18th of July. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  • Max. file size: 2 MB.