We Are One Foundation

We Are One Foundation

We believe we are here to make a difference and we hope you do too! Everyone can play a part in helping someone. Individually, we can think our part is insignificant, but together we can increase our influence and make a massive difference. So why not do just that? Let’s take all our “little” and let’s do “a lot” of good!

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How does it work?

It’s simple, really. If we all give £1 once a month, then how many £££££s will that become? If we give more than that, how much more can we help! So here’s the idea: if 1,000 or 5,000 or even 10,000 women each pledged £1 a month, every month that would be, £1000 or £5000 or even £10,000 that we could give away to those who need it the most-for example, the refugee crises or the victims of human trafficking, or the missionaries around the world or even all the people waiting for the cure for cancer to be found.

Together your one pound will go from £1 to £10,000, making a big difference with your seemingly insignificant £1! The WE ARE ONE fund will be managed by a team who will use this money to respond to needs throughout the year. We will let you know those needs and will update you each year. Together we will not only help many but also let people know that God’s gifts care and we are a foce for good in our world!

How can you contribute?

Please print form and send back to hello@weareone.foundation or post back to LIFE Church

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